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LMS Global promises to offer the offshore tailored solutions to clients and refine details consistently for several years. At LMS Global, we strongly believe the importance of providing qualitative work by devoting our 'heart and soul' into owrk. Always trying our best to pursue excellence at work is our promise to our clients and a key to our business' success.

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Main Products and Services

Financial Services Licences Applications

LMS can assist you with all the processes to obtaining the Financial Services Licences in a variety of countries, as well as the following management.

International Business Company

LMS can offer the services to help you register an International Business Company (IBC) or offshore company which is a specific form of offshore company licensed in specific jurisdictions across the world to engage in international business activities or investments.


LMS can assist clients gaining a clearer vision, understanding and control of their business to drive growth, profitability. cash flow and to transfer distinctive knowledge, skills and values to finance departments.

Other Services

LMS can provide a series of professional services in relation to the internal controls including but not limited to accounting, auditing, international trade and VIE structure.

Why Choose us

Professional qualification

We are able to provide professional advice with know-how.

Learn about markets

We intensively trace the movement of the market and policies to react promptly.

Tailored services

We get to know you and serve you by personal methods.

Free consulting

To contact us easily through various methods and receive the feedback immediately.

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