About us

Welcome to the LMS GLOBAL GROUP

LMS was founded in 2012, our ultimate mission is offering the offshore tailored solution to clients from the start, and act as a patient craftsman to refine the details, deliberately and consistently for serveral years. We firmly believe in the power of honesty, diligence, and concentration instead of genius and luck.

With the offshore companies and trusts at the center, we are dedicated to providing corporate clients with the optimization for global taxation and investment, as well as the confidential, standard and preserve solution. Our focus is the assurance we will maintain at the forefront of our practice and this is one of the prerequisites to offering efficient and quality services at reasonable prices.

Services we offer include but are not limited to:

1. Offshore company registration: registering various companies, partnerships in offshore financial centers (OFC), low-tax regions and other tax-neutral regions, as well as providing clients with secretary, accounting and auditing services.

2. Corporate merger and acquisition: assisting with clients in accomplishing international trades with the integrated application of various corporates, 420trusts, foundations, insurance, and anonymity tools etc.

3. Financial service licences application: assisting in applying financial services licenses which authorise the licensees to provide relative products and services.

4. Compliance support for financial service licence:

  • Establishing offshore hedge funds and private equity in different financial centers such as Luxembourg;
  • Offshore banking services: assisting clients to select business and private banks, and to open accounts as well as select the bank-owned and third-party financial management services;
  • Overseas office supporting: offering a suite of comprehensive office services to offshore companies with the integrated configuration of global movables and real property.

LMS is a team with and obsession to learn, think, observe and practice constantly. We always maintain the courage to face problems and challenges head on, hold our enthusiasm for finding and using new tools, high attention to detail with regards to change, stay perceptive for opportunities, as well as always resolving to achieve objectives

The value of LMS

Seeking the truth from facts and pursuing excellent services
  • We respect the facts, which is the our rule of thumb to address every problem.
  • We pursue achievements in excellelence, which is our solemn commitment to our clients.
Endeavoring to work,
explore and innovate


We believe that endeavoring to work is a key driver in achieving goals. LMS requires employees devote themselves to their work and the combination of the comapany and employee's will secure sustainable development and growth. We firmly believe that innovation powers ongoing progress, therefore we support and lead our team to explore innovation to achieve continual performance improvement.

Contributing special expertise in the spirit of teamwork

  • We pursue harmonious cooperation and make common progress, which allows team members to display and use their talents.
  • We are willing to invest in employees to in crease the value of our human resources.
  • We respect and promote integration among our different cultral backgrounds formed through experience and life style.

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