British Virgin Islands

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The BVI (British Virgin Islands) with the area of 153-square miles which are located in the Eastern Caribbean is one of the British commonwealth of nations. The British Virgin Islands law is based heavily on English common law. The principle stature for BVI company law is the BVI Companies Act 2004 which was based on Delaware Company Law. the companies in BVI are not responsible to pay taxes, not restrained by foreign exchange control and the local government requires very little information to be archived. These policies attract countless international corporations and individuals to register BVI companies and BVI remains on of the most popular destinations for offshore company formation services.

target Advantages of British Virgin Islands IBC
  • Privacy protection without the requirement to publish the information of shareholders and members
  • No need to declare taxes and pay any tax
  • No requirement for the registered capital and freedom to open banking accounts around the world
  • Allowance to use Chinese company names
  • No responsibility to deliver the audited accounts.
target Requirements of registration
  • At least one shareholder and member aged over 18
  • Agent held by a local resident or legal person
Standard registered share capital
target Required information and time
  • Chinese and English names
  • The copies of identification or passports of the shareholders and members
  • 12 days are required to register a new company
  • 3 days are required to purchase a ready-made company

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