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Pursuant to the relevant regulations, LMS assists the enterprise in fulfilling the statutory requirements on the audit declaration. Our audit report not only assesses financial information but also considers the risks that businesses may have in operation. In addition we will provide targeted audit reports and business performance evaluations to relevant parties based on their financial statements and accounting records.

Thanks to our knowledge and experience in various industries, our auditors focus on the major risk of each industry and closely monitor all aspects of financial reporting to help companies avoid risks.

We provide an extensive range of auditing services and the procedures of auditing include:

Examination of Financial and accounting records and other documents

Judgements made on significant estimates or assumptions that management made when they prepared the financial report

Inquiry relevant questions - from formal, written questions to informal, oral questions - of a range of individuals in the organisation

Obtain written confirmations of certain matters - for example, asking a debtor to confirm the amount of their debt with the organisation

Review organisations' internal controls

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