Patent Application

Patent Application

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Nowadays, the society attaches great importance to the progress of intellectual property rights. Under the situation, governments also promote the development of technological research and innovation into the world. The patent application can guarantee the inventor and the development institution to obtain exclusive right to the invention and technology for a certain period of time to avoid the violation of the investors' technology. the inventor's technology will not be violated. The patent owner has the right to prohibit others from manufacturing, using, selling or other business activities.

The role of the patent

  • Grant exclusive rights to protect inventions and innovative technologies
  • Encouraging the development of new technologies and products
  • Authorising to an agent or manufacturer to earn profits
  • Being conducive and helpful to the company assessment of valuation to increase the companies market value

Patent priority

Most national laws grant patent proirity. The invention or utility model withn 12 months from the date of application, which you can enjoy the priority if you apply for the patent in another country, while the design of the priority is in general 6 months.

Services including

Hong Kong patent application

Chinese patent application

Overseas patent application

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  • Patent search
  • Patent application
  • Patent review and related litigation

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  • Annual fee payment, patent term extension, patent rights revcovery request, patent project changes and so on
  • Patent transfer, licence and related legal matters

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