Tax advisory

Tax Advisory

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The LMS tax advisory group is composed of tax advisers from all over the world with a thorough understanding of the tax laws of the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and other countries and a wealth of practical experience. With a deep understanding of the customer's business and industry, we can help solve the tax problems from mainland China, Hong, Kong, and overseas countries, and identify the risks and opportunities in the operation. We also can help customers improve compliance, improve cash flow and maximise tax benefits.

Our consultants are committed to providing professional advice to the clients in a professional and rigorous manner, designing innovative and comprehensive tax programs for each customer, and providing professional advice to the clients on issues such as taxation, indirect taxes and personal tax issues across multinational corporations seeking tax savings. We are also able to assist our clients in conducting integrated tax arrangements for Hong Kong, Mainland China and international tax to legally minimise tax expenditure.

Services including

Corporate tax advisory services

Cross-border investment tax structure planning

Solving the tax dispute program

China tax services

Transnational enterprise tax service

Transferring pricing

Hong Kong tax services

International Personal tax services

Indirect tax services

The tax arrangement of theM&A activity

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