International Trade

International trade

Retain trade profits, financing trading, facilitate overseas account to transact.


Retaining high profits as an international trade broker

Inconvenience in international trade turnover
as funcs are in your domestic country

Seeking to enter the bridgeheads
of European / American / African / Middle East market

Narrow financing channels and high financing costs domestic

Few reinvestment opportunities for retained profits


Plan tax effectively via offshore structures

Set up bank accounts in international financial centres
and enjoy the convenience on internationalised services

Choose the right place and finalize the corporation

Broaden overseas financing channels and reduce the costs

Seize more investment opportunities and diversify investment risks

It is critical for boosting transactions to open a convenient international account. Therefore, offshore companies with low costs which have no tax obligations to be annually reviewed simply and widely approved by international banks, are the best choice for the international business intermediary to operate their business. Using the accounts set up by offshore companies in the international banks allow you to access overseas financing felxibly with increasing credit.

Additionally, with the globalization of corporations, as a part of the chain, the international trade plays an increasingly important role in corporate tax planning. The separation of the trades in multinational enterprises assists them to operate in a place of more convenience and less tax burden thus to reduce operating costs and increase value-to-sales ratio.

In addition to the general tax-exempt offshore territories, low-tax areas such as Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, Delaware, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Liechtenstein, and Ireland can be considered in the overall project.

Detailed solutions including:

  • Design the structure of the project in accordance with the specific situation
  • Improve the project by considering the convenience of operation, tax planning, and commercial realities
  • Implement the project to complete the structure with tax auditing services
  • Review annually to adjust the project to the changing situations

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