Return Investment

Return Investment

Domestic capital is transferred to foreign capital, overseas finance, the only route for migration towards broad


Limited domestic channels to raise money

Being ready to migrate but own the domestic industires

Protection for domestic properties by overseas trusts

Preference of domestic investment in foreign capital


To increase the channels to raise money from abroad

To separate the properties before migration

To prepare the overseas trusts for isolation of risks

To transfer the capital sources


After the unification of domestic and foreign tax regimes under the new Taxation Law, the structure of return investment is normally shown in the stage of recombination among overseas listed corporations. The Chinese private corporations which are not planned to go to the public are restricted by the foreign controls and they raise money that deeply relies on the domestic capital. However, it will be convenient for private corporations to expand the channels for financing, if the shares controlling layers are settled abroad, especially in those regions which facilitate the capital integration and recombination such as Hong Kong and Singapore etc.

In addition, at the business owners level, it is urgent to diversify risks for personal investment, seek better protection tools for properties, avoid political influence or business risk influence. It is also a way to divesify risks to transfer domestic property into overseas trusts protection in the circumstances of lacking domestic protection tools for the properties. The Return Investment Solution is a premise to achieve the overseas trusts protection structure.

Return Investment Soltions are a practical way produced to satisfy the demands for a variety of property management and fortune plan rather than and independent program. With the different views of Return Investment from the perspectives of local Commerce Departments and Administrative Of Foreign Exchange, there are huge differences of registration requirements between the No. 75 and No. 37 in compliance with the different requirements, the reasonable anonymity is allowed to be applied or trusts can be directly assorted to transfer the ownership without the political restrictions in practice.

Return Investment Planning

  • Settling the overseas controlling layers according to the specific need
  • Changing the domestic operating entities to the foreign investment entities and transferring the ownership;
  • Completing the relative registration records and using anonymity or trusts depending on the local circumstances.

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