Special purpose vehicle

Special Purpose Vehicle

Retain trade profits, financing trading, facilitate overseas account to transact.


Risky professions which will suffer huge losses
when facing disputes or claims

Having an unlimited position such as a partner

Engaging in a high-risk speculative business

Be the guarantor of others or bear a huge debt

Operate high-risk projects in investment portfolio

Complex relationships inside family owned business

Family members engage in gambling


Protect family assets and maintain living standards

Separate family assets from unlimited liabilities

Protect the capital, so as to revive after failures

Secure other operating assets even bankrupt personally

Isolate low-risk core assets

Guarantee the economic benefits of family members
who lose their right to operate and manage

Restrict the impact of gambling

SPV Projects:

  • Set up overseas private trust companies, or conduct trust arrangements
  • Protect assets which require core protection, or isolating from risks, through the trust
  • The core assets of the trust protection, such as the brand, the patent, the cash, may be licensed, or lent to an operating enterprise that is not in the trust protection
  • Protected core assets help enjoy the interest of benefits or royalties, can be used for household expenses, child education or vacation expenses
  • Even if not in the trust protection of the operating enterprises' bankruptcy, or personal bankruptcy, it will not affect the core trust to protect the value of assets

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